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Quebec Orbital is the result of an evolution in depth of the forces of Quebec based Star Citizen community since 2013.
Regrouping our forces allows us to share the game and our initiatives to a larger audience and agglomerate our efforts.
This initiative also allows us to conform to the legal terms and conditions presented by Cloud Imperium Games
for use of their intellectual properties, both for content and terms they own.

This initiative is the result of a collaboration between several interested Quebecois parties in the verse based in Quebec.
No one organization, squad, or association will ever be underestimated or placed above another ever.

Our Mission

  • To inform the community of recent game developments;
  • To offer an up to date ledger of Quebecois and francophone organizations;
  • To offer a platform for Quebec based Star Citizen content creators;
  • To organize events, such as Bar Citizens;
  • To offer a platform to facilitate organization of in-game events;
  • To offer support to new players and help them evolve in the verse;
  • To offer an index of useful links on CIGs websites;

Quebec Orbitale is a base platform for multiple social medias with a goal to facilitate the exchange of information
within the francophone and general Star Citizen community, but mainly in Quebec.
This powerful tool allows us to communicate between newer communities, older ones and seek out those drifting alone in the verse.

Each interested parties in Quebec Orbitale (QO) retain all of their independance and identity.
No visual representation nor standard is required on the part of content creators, organizations or other(s).
QO works simply to concentrate information in one practical place of reference.

To consult the list of organizations who participate and are regrouped within Quebec Orbitale please follow this link.







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